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The Farm is a branding firm nurturing iconic brands with our “Back to Basics” approach.

A creative team doing Strategy +Branding +Communication.

Cultivating inspiration from the many locations we work from: Beirut +Sevilla +Montreal +Dubai +Hamburg

The brand name 'The Farm' stems from the very essence of the diversity found on a farm. The kind of diversity that is reflected in the culmination of our work.

A mostly woman-led space welcoming creativity, hard work, collaboration, playfulness, and breaking barriers.

"Our strength is in the sum of our parts"
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Our Process

Plan & Prepare

Our process begins with research. Here, we engage in dialogue with the client, asking the necessary questions and extracting as much information as possible. By the end of the process, we will have established the attributes of the brand, as well as defined a strategic framework for both its visual and verbal languages.

Select & Discover

Our creative exploration is a building block that helps develop an initial brief. From here, we collectively generate mood boards and stylescapes that showcase multiple visual directions, offering the clients a glimpse into our creative process while also involving them in it early on.

Create & Nurture

The concept is refined through many rounds of feedback. It is a nurturing process, which generates multiple ideas and demonstrates the versatility and expansiveness of the creative solution.

Launch & Harvest

After the final product is delivered, The Farm remains involved in post-project management and provides support robustly and as needed. Through our ‘Back to Basics’ sequence, we are capable of nurturing brands by continuously learning and evolving.

Our Approach

  • Contextual, understanding the core.

  • Creative, inspiring ideas.

  • Custom, unique to every brand.

  • Clean and minimal, no clutter.

  • Efficient, in every step.

  • Memorable, with a focused message.

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