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 In 2016 The Farm Design launched "The Submarine Coworking Space" to develop a diverse work community that would be based on a strong collaborative spirit.

Like in any good relationship, a community takes time and consistent effort to nurture and maintain. In sustaining its growth, The Submarine team has developed an ethos where to share and to give will always end up naturally benefiting back in return.

What has sprung from this lively gathering is a subculture spirit that understands the power of true collaboration, of shared resources, support, and knowledge; it all adds up into a place where exchanging ideas across disciplines and growing backing each other up becomes the natural way forward.

Today, The Farm and The Submarine, have both come out as an altogether richer and stronger platform for our clients to rely on, and a better place for all to work and connect.


*The Submarine is a collaborative coworking and event space, embracing startups,
entrepreneurs, and freelancers to be part of a design-inspired community

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