The Farm | Branding and Creative Lab
the secret

 The Farm is a branding & creative lab. 
We’re down-to-earth farmers,
passionate about building brands
with a true personality that tells a story.

By going "back to basics"
we clarify the complex
and look for ways to make people smile,
through memorable yet simple design.

From our Beirut office,
we travel the world all over,
with clients coming to us with an open mind
to rejuvenate their brand or to rediscover their core;
they are friends we made on this creative journey.

*The Name of our brand stems from the very essence of the diversity found on a farm.
  A space that celebrates hard work and contribution


Brand Strategy

We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and develop a roadmap for the visual and media components that drive their business objectives.

Our aim is to identify our clients' niche in their product or service and create that ‘special feeling’ that connects the brand with its people through a clear plan, tailored to our clients’ preferences and business needs.

Identity Design & Communication

We believe that a brand identity is not just about the logo itself, but also about the smallest design elements that interact together to create an unforgettable brand.

We love to work closely with our clients and take our time in choosing attractive typography with the accurate colors, developing the right tone of voice, and communicating the brand through effective channels.

Our goal is to grow timeless brands that make our clients and their customers happy.